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By joining ecoBiz you will gain access to the free tools to monitor how much energy, water and waste your business uses. By understanding what you use and monitoring your consumption you will be able to track areas for improvement. ecoBiz provides support to benchmark, measure and record energy, water and waste use across the seasons of your business. Your data is kept confidential.

Save moneyImprove your brandMINIMISE your footprintREDUCE ERA FEES


  • ecoBiz helps you cut the cost of energy, water and waste costs through improved practices
  • You're able to reduce the costs associated with providing your product or service through benchmarking and implementing ecoBiz practices. 
  • When you put ecoBiz practices into place, you achieve a more efficient and productive workplace. All of our past ecoBiznesses tell us the savings they made in their business were not from cutting their bills alone. 


  • Through ecoBiz you'll create an enhanced public image for your business which can often lead to competitive advantage
  • ecoBiz will give you motivation for continuous improvement
  • Reduced exposure to risk and liability due to proactive management of environmental aspects
  • You'll gain new insights to implement innovative eco-solutions to propel your business
  • Through improved workplace health, safety and morale you can boost your brand


  • ecoBiz will help you reduce the amount of energy your business consumes and the greenhouse gas and carbon emissions you produce
  • You'll learn to reduce water usage and improve your practices to help the environment
  • Your business will be able to reduce the amount of waste to landfill each year

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Not only do you save through reduced bills, being an ecoBiz Partner can entitle your business to a 10% discount on your Environmental Related Activities (ERA) fees (conditions apply). If your business has demonstrated environmental improvements by either completing the ecoBiz program or through another means (i.e. you have implemented your own improvements or with the help of another program), you are eligible to become an ecoBiz Star Partner subject to the criteria attached. 

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