Austwide Insurance Brokers

Austwide Insurance Brokers

Austwide Insurance Brokers is a full service insurance broker providing all major general insurance markets to SMEs across Australia. Their eco-efficiency journey was instigated but a number of simple initiatives to better understand what was really costing the business. After identify areas for improvement, Sarah Fisher (Director) and the team underwent the following initiatives

  • Turning hot water off over weekends
  • Only running the airconditioning when actually needed
  • Using LED lights
  • Turning all computers off at night
  • Cleaning our air-conditioned filter regularly
  • Recycling paper through home worm-farms and only printing when necessary. We are essentially a paperless off with no files.

Annual Savings:

  • Energy 44% (5.187GJ)
  • Greenhouse Gas 44% (1,190.78 kgCO2-e)

Savings as at October 2015