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Online events


Our monthly ecoBiz insights webinar provides insights from a range of industries and organisations to show you how our ecoBiz participants reduced their bills with no negative impact on their service quality. In fact, they actually improved their end product.

These short 25 minute presentations from our ecoBiz experts cover:

  • The steps in the ecoBiz process which the client took to get their wins 
  • Where they saved money and how much 
  • How their activities have made an environmental difference 
  • How they’re using their ecoBiz Champion status to get a marketing edge




Each month, following on from the ecoBiz Insights, our ecoBiz and your business e-workshop will delve into how the program applies to you and help you reduce your bills to improve your end product or service.

You will hear from our ecoBiz and industry experts who will detail the successes of the case study and apply these strategies to your business to save money.

Join in to hear our ecoBiz and industry experts discuss:

  • Practical steps to decrease your energy usage
  • Opportunities relevant to your organisation
  • Strategies and tools for measuring your progress

face-to-face Events


CCIQ ecoBiz workshops are held across Queensland and run for approximately two hours. These sessions offer a group environment for your business to understand some of the principals behind sustainability. Through these workshops you will hear real case studies of current ecoBiz Star Partners who are saving money and reducing their energy, water and waste with the help of ecoBiz. Find a workshop in your area by searching the upcoming events below.


Industry events

We also deliver information and hold seminars at major industry events. You'll find these We take the ecoBiz message to where businesses are around Queensland by running seminars and education sessions at major industry events. Check out our upcoming events calendar below for dates. 


7 Mar Leaders Forum Energy Efficiency and Renewables in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain read more / register


21 Feb FREE e-WORKSHOP Sport, recreation and community organisations:
How can your club reduce energy, water, waste and chemical costs to secure financial viability and increase participation rates?
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