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Online events


Our ecoBiz insights webinars provide insights from a range of industries and organisations to show you how our ecoBiz participants reduced their bills with no negative impact on their service quality. In fact, they actually improved their end product.

These short presentations from our ecoBiz experts cover:

  • The steps in the ecoBiz process which the client took to get their wins 
  • Where they saved money and how much 
  • How their activities have made an environmental difference 
  • How they’re using their ecoBiz Champion status to get a marketing edge




Following on from the ecoBiz Insights, our ecoBiz and your business e-workshops delve into how the program applies to you and help you reduce your bills to improve your end product or service.

You will hear from our ecoBiz and industry experts who will detail the successes of the case study and apply these strategies to your business to save money.

Join in to hear our ecoBiz and industry experts discuss:

  • Practical steps to decrease your energy usage
  • Opportunities relevant to your organisation
  • Strategies and tools for measuring your progress

face-to-face Events

leaders forums

CCIQ ecoBiz Leaders’ Forums are an opportunity for ecoBiz Partners and sustainability leaders to come together to learn about each other’s successful strategies, provide networking opportunities and to recognise and celebrate the businesses that have achieved CCIQ ecoBiz Partnership. The Honorable Dr. Steven Miles, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef has also attended a number of the Forums to recognise new Partners and present them with their Partnership Certificates.
Leaders Forums have been held on site at businesses who have implemented eco-efficiency initiatives, to give attendees an opportunity to see firsthand their practical application. 
Six Leaders Forums have been held to date, and we are planning our next Leaders Forum in the coming months, so watch this space. 


Industry events

We also deliver information and hold seminars at major industry events. We take the ecoBiz message to where businesses are around Queensland by running seminars and education sessions at major industry events. Keep an eye on our upcoming events calendar below for our next events. 

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